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Professor Helen Cameron

University of Edinburgh
SMERC Associate Director

Helen Cameron is Professor of Medical Education at the University of Edinburgh and the Director of the Centre for Medical Education. She qualified in Medicine in Edinburgh but after posts in general medicine and palliative care, now works solely within medical education. She is a member of the Scottish Deans Medical Education Group and led their Task Group on Assessing Professionalism in the Curriculum. Internationally she has led the work-stream of the EU funded MEDINE2 network to develop shared learning outcomes for medical graduates throughout Europe, has acted as the medical education advisor to an EU funded project on developing higher education across Lithuania and has been involved in three Scotland-Malawi initiatives to develop e-learning and curriculum development across medical and nursing curriucula. She is particularly interested in the investigation of assessment strategies to motivate students, promote learning and ensure preparedness for practice, and leads the Assessment Course within the Edinburgh MSc in Clinical Education.


  • Preparedness for practice
  • Developing and assessing complex clinical skills
  • Self-regulation and learning
  • Factors affecting the efficacy and student satisfaction with academic feedback
  • Staff factors affecting assessment of students
  • Embedding formative assessment within the workplace
  • Early identification and intervention to develop learning
  • Curriculum mapping

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